2015 Projects

1. Cell Enrichment Microfluidic Chip for Lung Cancer Cell Counting (Student: Nneoma Okonkwo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2. Tracking Neural Stem Cells in a Neural Injury Environment (Student: Courtney McClure, Delaware State University)

3. Assessing the Potential of Nitric Oxide-Releasing Polymers for Bone Regeneration (Student: Elizabeth Gianino, Wake Forest University)

4. Multi-functional Sensing Catheter for Cardiac Electrophysiology Therapy (Student: Matthew Miller, University of California, Berkeley)

5. Predicting Brain Developmental Disorders by a Hybrid Bioimaging and Computational Method (Student: Mary Reeves, Clemson University)

6. Dynamic Tracking of Exosome Nanoparticle Communication (Student: Jordanna Payne, University of Nevada, Reno)

7. Design and Fabrication of a Microfluidic Device for the Live Imaging of Cells Encapsulated in Biomimetic Hydrogel Scaffolds (Student: Emily Tanasse, Boise State University)

8. Effects of Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymeric Scaffolds on Neuronal Differentiation (Student: Valerie Helms, Wingate University)

9. Characterization of Nanoparticle-Membrane Interactions (Student: Nicole Gay, University of Connecticut)

10. Evaluation of 3D-Printed Polymer Constructs for Osteochondral Tissue Regeneration (Student: Ishmael Rogers, Atlanta Metropolitan State College)