Home institution

Oxford College of Emory University

Year in school

“I will be a sophomore this fall.”


Chemistry and Computer Science

What type of research are you conducting during your REU?

“For my research, I am currently working on creating an image segmentation program that works accurately on images of mesenchymal stem cells. The goal of the research is to write a deep learning python program that utilizes a UNET implementation of neural networks to create binary segmented masks of stem cell images. These masks can then be combined with the original images and used to determine specific features of individual cells such as shape and size. Obtaining data on these features is important for future research regarding the potency and viability of mesenchymal stem cells.”

REU mentors

Dr. Luke Mortensen, Adrian Liversage, and Priyanka Priyadarshani

What are you enjoying about your REU experience – and how do you think the experience will benefit you in the future?

“I am enjoying the exposure to research that I am getting in my REU experience. As a freshman I had little idea of what research really is and how I could participate. This summer I have realized that research is so diverse that there will always be something for you to do and something for you to question. Research really is like asking questions and trying to find the answer yourself. I am glad that I have participated in an experience where I am pushed to question things, explore interdisciplinary areas, and run into situations where I must work to resolve issues on my own. I think that understanding and participating in the process of research itself is beneficial for my future.”

What are your impressions of UGA and Athens and have you enjoyed your time here?

“I really enjoy being in Athens! Downtown Athens has so many wonderful restaurants. UGA has an amazing transportation system, and the facilities are wonderful as well. The Ramsey Center has so much to offer.”