Patterned illumination label-free microscopy

Project Title: Patterned illumination label-free microscopy


Project Mentors


  • Primary Faculty Mentor (Name, Affiliation, website and Email/Phone):
    • Luke Mortensen,
  • Graduate Student/PostDoc mentors (Name, Affiliation and Email/Phone):
    • Kayvan Tehrani,


Project Description:

Patterned illumination microscopy has shown promise for label-free high-resolution imaging of biological samples. In this project we would like to design and test a device that modulates light for the purpose of Fourier ptychography imaging.


REU Student Role and Responsibility:

The student will be responsible for programming of the device, assembly and synchronizing it to another imaging device for further tests and imaging.


Required skills or courses for the REU student:

Experience with programming languages is required, preferably with C and Python. Applicants with experience with Arduino programming are preferred. Hands on experience with electronics is also a preferred quality.


Expected Outcome for REU student:

A publication in a journal such as Biomedical Optics Express or Journal of biomedical optics is expected. A conference presentation and proceeding paper is also expected.